• May 5, 2020
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The Math behind Betting Odds & Gambling

How do you decide whether a bet is worth placing or not? Well, the answer is simple – Math. However, practically applying this process might not be easy for everyone. Well, you should have paid more attention in math classes, and you are about to regret not doing in that in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Before going any further, there is one thing you need to get into your comprehension; it is about the three types of odds – Fractional, Decimal and American. Different types of bookmakers use different kinds of odds.

But don’t you worry, if Math is beyond you, https://elarabcasino.com/ chooses the best possible odds for you, even if you don’t understand this article, you can always depend on them.However, if you are still interested, then let’s begin to study them- taking one at a time.

Types of Odds

  • Fractional Odds –Calls them British Odds, or traditional odds whatever you like. They are called so because of the way they are expressed. These can as a ratio or as a fraction.
  • Decimal Odds – These odds represent the amount that is acquired for every dollar that is invested while gambling.
  • American Odds –Also referred as Money-line odds, these odds are sometimes accompanied by minus or plus sign depending upon the probability of a low or high pay-out.

These odds are easily convertible into one another. There are even websites available for the same.

Why is the house always winning?

Different odds that you play never let you know about the correct winning or losing rate. There will be more chances that you will lose as there is no fixed statistics of your chances of winning. A bookmaker will definitely add its own margin in the bets that you win too.

It’s generally a saying that if a new player wins more, he will probably not earn more money. This is because multiple wins let a new player to more play. If there will be more play, there will be more bet and eventually the player will lose in long term by losing in long term. So, do not let your budget of betting to change.

One interesting thing here is that a player will keep playing- whether in the hopes of recovering the loss, or to continue winning streaks. The house is never at loss owing to the same.There is no statistics for this as such, but a high profit margins let the player to play high and for a long time. So no matter what others say, there is no reason why the house will be at loss. The game is all about that. Otherwise, why the business would be on rise?

The houses always want to keep players to stay there, and keep playing for a long time. Importantly, a new player will not have such kind of experience while playing initially, so all these points make an edge for other players to win the striking bets against them.